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Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

Cape Girardeau County is a county located in Southeast Missouri in the United States. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the county's population was 75,764. While the largest city in the county is Cape Girardeau, the county seat is actually Jackson, which was the first city named in honor of President Andrew Jackson [1]. The county was officially organized on October 1, 1812 and is named after Ensign Sieur Jean Baptiste de Giradot, a French official. The "cape" in the county's name is named after a promontory rock overlooking the Mississippi River.

Cape Girardeau County is the central hub of the Cape Girardeau–Jackson, MO-IL Metropolitan Statistical Area.

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Other Data for Cape Girardeau County

County: Cape Girardeau

County Seat: Jackson

Populations (2010 Census)

  • Cape Girardeau County - 75,674
  • Allenville - 116
  • City of Cape Girardeau - 37,941
  • Delta - 438
  • Dutchtown - 94
  • Gordonville - 391
  • Jackson - 13,758
  • Oak Ridge - 243
  • Old Appleton - 85
  • Pocahontas - 114
  • Whitewater - 125